Successful Procedural Days in May

 In Stellate Ganglion Block

We had another wonderful couple of procedural days last week. We are always so humbled by the people who come to us seeking relief and help. We were able to perform several stellate ganglion blocks for treatment of PTSD and POTS. We provided pain and injury consultations where we were able to work with patients to develop individualized regenerative treatment plans. And we helped several patients through ultrasound guided pain and injury treatments utilizing the most up-to-date growth factors.

We are grateful to the wonderful individuals who allowed us to become a part of their wellness journey and are excited to hear how their results are helping to improve their lives. Our next procedural days will be June 7th & 8th. If you have questions on any of the treatment options we offer or if you are wondering if we could be assistance to improve your overall health, book an appointment today for a complimentary phone consultation. We’d love to hear from you and have you become part of the Joy Wellness Partners patient family.

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