PRP Sexual Wellness Treatment

Performance enhanced, naturally

What are PRP sexual wellness treatments?

Do you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, or wish that you could perform better in the bedroom? PRP sexual wellness treatments provides a revolutionary approach to enhancing male sexual function. A sexual wellness treatment with PRP is a penile injection for men that restores proper blood flow and stimulates new penile tissue growth, without the vascular side effects caused by other treatments and medications.


√  Enhances sexual function

√  Improves blood flow

√  Strengthens and increases erections

√  Increases thickness and length 

√  Alternative to prescriptions for Erectile Dysfunction

√  No vascular side effects 

Are PRP sexual wellness treatments right for you?

About PRP sexual wellness treatments

How does it work?

PRP sexual wellness treatments are a non-invasive, natural, procedure that begins when blood is drawn from the client. A centrifuge is used to isolate the platelets, containing the body’s natural growth factors, from a client’s own blood. This nutrient-rich, PRP solution is then injected back into the penis, stimulating new penile tissue and increasing blood flow to the penis.

How long will the procedure take?

The entire procedure takes 20-30 minutes.

How soon will I notice the results?

Most clients report feeling an improvement in their sexual function and size within two weeks following their treatment. However, some clients have noted that they felt an immediate change in sexual function and size.

What is the recovery time following the treatment?

While clients may experience temporary soreness following the injection, the client should be able to resume normal activity (including sexual intercourse) immediately.

How painful is the PRP sexual wellness treatment procedure?

Because of the potent anesthetic cream that is applied topically to the area prior to the treatment, there is is very little to no pain associated with the PRP sexual wellness treatment itself. However, pain levels may vary depending on the client. 

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