Inaugural Procedural Day

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We had a successful inaugural procedural day at Joy Wellness Partners Utah.  We were able to meet many wonderful people and become part of their wellness journey.  We performed multiple Stellate Ganglion Blocks for both Long Covid and PTSD.  We also performed hydrodissections for a hand and a back.

The results our patients experienced were very encouraging.  One patient, who received hydrodissection for extreme back pain, said the pain relief was almost instant.  She felt like it was a miracle.  Several Long Covid patients suffering from parosmia reported being able to eat food that they were unable to tolerate even the day before.  These great results brought such a boost to all of us who were participating that weekend.

Thank you to all those patients who allowed us to take care of them and be a part of their journey.  Our next procedural day is scheduled for May 10th and 11th.  We look forward to caring for more amazing people and seeing more great results.  Call to learn more about what we will be doing and to schedule your appointment.

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