Health and Fitness

Feel better, avoid sick days, and perform at your peak.

The connection between your health and your ability to perform at your best is undeniable.  At Joy Wellness Partners Utah, we believe that by improving the health of our athletes and patients we are able to increase their overall fitness. Through state of the art diagnostic tests, we are able to determine the in which ways our patients can improve the most. Then, we develop the best possible medical, nutrition and fitness plan for you. With the fitness expertise of Josh Nichols, Larry Scott and Crossfit certified personal trainer, and the health care of Joy Wellness Partners Utah, we are able to help our patients make dramatic improvements in their health and fitness, and live happier lives.


✓  Less sick days, less doctors visits

✓  Improved performance in your workouts and overall fitness.

✓  Improved mental clarity and function

✓  Optimal vitamin, hormone and amino acid levels

✓  Increased work performance

✓  Enhanced libido

1.Begin with a comprehensive health screening.

  • Using our lab diagnostics we are able to determine the ways in which we could help you improve the most.


2.Together, we will go over your labs, and recommend ways to improve your hormone, vitamin, and amino acid levels.

  • You pick the treatments you would be interested in.


3.Develop goals and plan for personal fitness.

  • With free consultation, we will develop a fitness plan that will help you reach your fitness goals.

Health Treatment Options

1.Vitamin IVs (ie: Perform and Recover IV)

2.Vitamin shots (ie: B-12, B-Complex)

3.Amino Acid shot such as (ie: NAD, GAC)

4.Hormone Balancing (ie: Testosterone, Progesterone, HGH, Thyroid)

5.Pain and Injury Treatment (ie: PRP, Stem Cell, Nerve Hydrodissection)


We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about this treatment, feel free to fill out the form below, or call us at, (801) 989-8873 during our business hours to speak directly to a representative.

Emergency Call

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