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Hormone Balancing

Biote® Hormone Balancing

Balance your hormones, balance your life. Learn how you can get back to feeling your best, thinking more clearly, and sleeping more soundly with our personalized treatment.


Stellate Ganglion Block

The Stellate Ganglion Block, or SGB, is a sympathetic nervous system “Re-Boot,” used to treat symptoms of anxiety, long-term pain syndromes and stress disorders.


Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Have you been gaining weight, losing sleep, feeling fatigued and less interested in sex with each passing year? The problem isn’t the date on the calendar. It’s low testosterone.


  • When I experienced a tear in my ACL 7 weeks before a backpacking trip with friends I worried that I would have to back out. I went to see the team at Joy Wellness Partners and they developed a treatment plan utilizing growth factors and peptides. I was skeptical at first but now realize I didn’t need to be. The treatments were easy and relatively painless. I was just able to hike 30 miles for my backpacking trip last weekend. I don’t think I could have done it without Joy Wellness Partners. Thanks for your expertise and knowledge.

    Kellen, Springville, Utah

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